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Air-Conditioner HY-GLOO , air conditioning unit designed for use in vehicle cabins

Maintenance Hy-Gloo

The single moletée screw for the removal of the hood of Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo G3 .08. The fixing of the quoted hood " taken in the wind " is assured by a fixed stirrup

1 minute no possible excuse is enough for removal, no tool...... in fact not to go to clean the condenseur of Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo when this one works in an environment very full of dust!!!!!



The hood of Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo swivels around the stirrup of fixing before and breaks loose so completely from the party "chassis ".


Removal of the gate parries dust provided optionally

The removal of the gate and the cleaning of the condenseur are therefore quick and easy operations of maintenance.


Here is the second electrical protection of Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo G3.08 here.

Besides different fuses, a sensory relai is going to disclose an abnormal electrical tension and to interrupt the functioning of Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo G3.08.


Notice of use GIII Climatiseur commande électrique


Video 3D Installation Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo


Maintenance + Video Installation Air-conditioner Hy-Gloo


























































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