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Air-Conditioner HY-GLOO , air conditioning unit designed for use in vehicle cabins


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We are a small firm in the southwest of the France, between mountains Pyrenees and Atlantic Ocean, between Biarritz and Pau in about 200 km in the south of Bordeaux.



DDPA distributes spare parts ( www.ddpa.fr ) and and developed an activity air-conditioning vehicles since 1999 ( http://www.ddpa.fr/ddpa-confort/)

This activity air-conditioning notably includes the d evelopment of air-conditioners with electrical leading order air-conditioner Hy-Gloo

Our different types of Hy-Gloo found their application on Agrarian devices and TP since 1999..

Today, air-conditioner Hy-Gloo can be installed on of numerous other one types of vehicles

Always simpler to install, more powerful, more modern, nicer, Hy-Gloo Génération III is available!!!!!

DDPA is agreed in your listening to help you to choose the shape of best adapted HG, the expression of delivery on all Europe, method of payment and rest also your interlocutor in case of problem on quite other installation of conditioned air and provisioning of spare parts.

We shall always try to bring you an answer

Thanks for your visit, and, see you soon in

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DDPA distributes spare parts and and developed an activity air-conditioning vehicles since 1999































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