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Air-Conditioner HY-GLOO , air conditioning unit designed for use in vehicle cabins

Air conditioning Integree version

Hy-Gloo Génération III exists in integrated version.

This presentation is interesting when it is not possible to fix an apparatus partly external of bodywork. Hy-Gloo Génération III is then delivered according to the specific request of the client.

The composition of kit is the following:

- 1 chassis driving including support, compressor, pulleys and taken up strap allowing an assemblage or horizontal or vertical or in opposition.

- 1 Filter déshydrateur available in vertical or horizontal version. The choice will be made according to the easiness of pose of the one or other one

- 1 Pressostat of / of

- 1 special Condenseur Hy Gloo with or without oil pan, with or without fan, with 4 silent-Blocks of fixing

- 1 Evaporator of horizontal or vertical type. - 1 complete electrical Beam with relai and protection.

- 1 Beam of flexible 4 of link between the different elements, in the asked length and with their set tips and étanchéîtés.

- 2 Cables of link towards the battery of the vehicle.

- 1 Notice of assemblage.

Of course, a telephone assistance is all available advice include and will be given according to the specific use of every Kit.



Aire Acondicionado para Camionetas, Camiones






Hy-Gloo exists in integrated version.















































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