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Air-Conditioner HY-GLOO , air conditioning unit designed for use in vehicle cabins

Dimensions, weight air conditioner Hy-Gloo



Dimensions, weight air conditioner Hy-Gloo

....................... weight = 26 kg


Model Big Horizontal Evaporator HY7001 (grey) weight = 7,4 kg 800m3

boitier of order transported convict

Evaporateur Horizontal Grand Modèle HY7001


Model Big Horizontal Evaporator HY7000 (black) weight = 7,4 kg 750m3


Evaporateur Horizontal Grand Modèle HY7000



Horizontal Evaporator Model Small
HY7001 - weight = 5 kg 370m3

Evaporateur Horizontal Petit Modèle HY7001


Evaporateur Vertical HY7003


Lowered Evaporator Verical 600m3 / h = 10 kg

Evaporateur Verical surbaissé

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